Weighing the Pros and Cons of Using SEO Services in Businesses

As businesses try to compete with each other, they also decide on a particular strategy that they can use for their campaigns on digital marketing. One cost-effective option they can resort to is through getting professional SEO services. Is it really worthy to invest time and money for this?

To help businesses decide whether they should focus on SEO as their primary internet marketing channel, here are some of the pros and cons that they have to consider:

The Pros:
  • SEOSEO constantly delivers a free flow of targeted traffic. Wondering how many Google searches are made every year, month or day? Estimations that came from sources say that there are about 2.2 trillion Google searches made for the entire year last 2013. Approximately, that’s equivalent to 5,922,000,000 Google searches per day. It can help businesses tap into Google searches’ massive source of free targeted traffic that’s continuously flowing.
  • It provides exposure to the business of individuals who look for a particular solution. One main reason why people use search engines like Google is to look for immediate solutions to the current problem, concern or issue. In browsing the results, users will have to click various links that they can relatively find. Surprisingly, about 40% of users will go for results displayed on top of the list while 80% will go for results that are considered organic. SEO services work by exposing a particular website to these search results if they are relevant.
  • Generated traffic can have bigger chances of being converted into leads. According to a report submitted by the Journal of Search Engine, SEO generated leads have a high closing rate of 14.6% while leads generated from print advertising and email marketing only have a closing rate of 1.7%. These percentages only show that being ranked on search engines’ results pages is important in gaining significant amount of target conversion with just a few clicks.
  • It can help the business grow. The virtual world of Internet is really big that’s why establishing a decent online presence is essential for businesses who want to boost their online visibility to targeted consumers by about 59%.
  • It sets up business authority in a certain niche.

A great website content and sold online presence deliver high ranking positions based on keywords in the results pages of search engines. Getting a good ranking also means developing audience trust, which can result to lead conversion.

The Cons:
  • Getting professional SEO services requires longer waiting time for the results to be seen.  It may not be a good idea to go for search engine optimization services if the campaign’s aim is to have immediate results. This is because the SEO process involves content indexing, which usually takes about several weeks at max.
  • Getting investment returns will take a while as well. If significant results are taking time to be generated, so does the ROI (Return of Investment). Small businesses that rely on short-term revenues cannot benefit from this because they use these revenues as revolving funds in order to sustain the continuing operations.
  • A more competitive niche requires bigger investment amounts. SEO is not totally free at all unless businesses are doing everything for their SEO campaigns like producing content and attracting backlinks. Generating substantial results requires external help solicitations in creating organic links and any other SEO-related marketing activities.
  • Search engine optimization services could not guarantee a first page ranking result. Being on the 1st page of search results is one important goal that should materialize but SEO admits that there’s no absolute guarantee that it will happen immediately.
  • SEO doesn’t make business in full control. Search rankings may provide opposite results from the expected. Only Google is capable of generating full control unless it’s a paid marketing, which provides results depending on the amount of paid money.
  • SEO services have the risk of being penalized. This is true especially if the contents are against the set of guidelines.

The Basics of SEO

seoSEO is considered as one of the basic methods that the best internet marketing companies use to help gain more profit for them. This is applicable in different parts of the world. In this article, you will learn even more about this craft. In the long run, it will help you construct your own official business website and start off the flow of profit in your own market.

For starters, SEO stands for search engine optimization but this is not the only scope of this internet marketing technique.

This set of internet marketing techniques requires you to come up with online strategies that can help your site be seen as much as possible. If you can effectively apply these techniques, you can rest assured that these can help you bring more visitors to your site. This increased traffic influx can aid in improving the chances of having your products and services sold out within a shorter period of time.

The usual goal of SEO is to help you come up with a seamless and great experience for your site users through smooth online browsing and visually appealing media. In this regard, it is essential to communicate with the search engines about your online business-related intentions so these tools can help in recommending your site for future relevant searches that your potential target market will perform in the future.

If you still feel skeptical about the entire SEO thing, you should fret not. Numerous companies such as the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times are already putting the SEO techniques into good use. Apparently, they are reaping the nice results out of proper implementation of these strategies.

Designing for an optimized site requires you to come up with numerous site structural components.

An engine-optimized site should be composed of contents that your target market is looking for. In this regard, you may consider social media acts, paid searches, and links as the prioritized aspects of your site because your clients will notice these things first and can help increase their curiosity for your company. This means that these can serve as aspects that can showcase what your site is all about. However, there should always be more than what actually meets the eye.

This brings you to consider the rest of the aspects that you have to develop for your site. To make your site more desired in the market, you should make sure that it does not only look good but also contains a lot of content that will make the clients go back for more. This means that you have to add in other elements such as infrastructure, site platform, and architecture of information into the entire mix. Mixing them up in random will not help. You have to design it in such a way that will go easy on the eyes of your potential market and still help them decide on what they want to avail from your company.

To help you get higher rankings for your business site, you have to determine some of the important aspects that the search engines are usually looking for to do this.
These engines do their jobs by referring web surfers to content and sites that highly match what they are looking for at the moment. The level of relevance is broken down into four main elements.

• The site content gives the theme of your site. Descriptions, page text, and titles fall under this category.

• Technicalities of site performance are important for site browsing. Therefore, you have to test your site frequently for loading speed.

• If your site content can be used as references for other sites, you can have an easier time promoting it altogether.

• Users experience-related aspects such as site safety and navigation should always be placed in high priority.