The Pawn Shop – Get Paid for Jewelry that is Collecting Dust

pawnThere could be a jackpot sitting in your jewelry box just collecting dirt and you don’t even realize it. All those times you needed money, you could have taken your jewelry to the pawn shop and got paid for it.

From time to time, the average American runs into financial hardships and they need cash right away in order to take care of it so that their life can get back to normal.  A reputable pawn shop site to look at would be Here’s how you can get paid for jewelry that is collecting dust …

What Do You Have?

Before you take your jewelry anywhere, you have to determine what you want to sell. Take a look at your jewelry box and determine the different solutions you have in front of you.

You can choose the jewelry that is broken (that will still sell), dusty and just not being used. Look at the item, think about what they mean to you and how you plan on using it in the future. If nothing comes to mind, then put it in the “sell” area.

By taking time to look at what you have first, you will be able to get a good idea of what you are working with, and then you can take it from there.  Just remember that the items you have in your jewelry box don’t have to be complete, they can be broken and the pawn shop may still want them.

What Type of Jewelry Will Get the Most Money?

The top items at most jewelry based pawn shops would be gold, diamonds, silver, platinum, and precious gems. If you have jewelry just sitting there and they’re used from any of those, then the pawnbroker should give you a decent amount of money.

Once you figure out what items you want to take to the pawn shop, it’s time to head over to a good local pawn shop and see what the pawnbroker has to say about them.

Your Lending Solution

pawnYou need to figure out your lending solution – do you plan on pawning the items, or selling them? If it’s unwanted jewelry, and there are no memories behind it, then you may want to sell it. By selling the jewelry, you will be able to get more money than you would if you were to pawn it. When you pawn jewelry, you have to pay that money back within 30-60 days, depending on the pawn shop.

If you want the jewelry back, then go ahead and pawn it, but make sure you pay the loan so that you can get it back. If you fail to pay the loan off, then the pawnbroker will take the jewelry and sell it.


You see, as long as you have jewelry that is valuable, you can head over to a reputable pawn shop and get some money from it. Just imagine, that dusty jewelry could turn into cash that you really need right now.


You have gold jewelry and other pawn items, it’s unwanted jewelry there are no memories behind it, and if you want to sell them. So come at our shop we will give you a decent amount of money for your pawn items.

Use These Steps For Getting Ready To Pawn Goods

Pawn-jewelry The popularity for pawn shops has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. It’s something that many people don’t really think about, and yet it’s something that could end up helping out a great deal. The reason why is simple, you can garner a great deal of financial freedom by using the services of a good pawn shop.

If you haven’t used a pawn solution before, but you want to get ready to use one, then the following tips are for you. These steps will help you get items ready to pawn, or sell outright, and get the most money for them. Of course, there is a chance you will not want to sell things, but that’s the glory of pawning, you don’t always have to lose your items.

Look For Valuables In Your Home

The first thing that you should do is look at the valuables that you have in your home. Look around to see if you have anything made of precious metals, any rare items, and things that are going to be wanted by several people. Make a true assessment of what the items are, and don’t go overboard with sentimental value. It’s easy to get caught up with things that you think are valuable, but really aren’t.

If you’re not sure whether something is worth checking out, then look at auction sites and see if they have sold at any given time. This can help you understand what the marketplace is like, and whether it’s something that you can take advantage of for profit. Of course, you could always call the pawn shop that you want to use and see if they are accepting certain things. When in doubt, you’ll want to look for precious metals, which can help you get moving forward.

Clean Things Up A Little

The next step in trying to get the most for your items is to clean up the items that you have. This is especially true for jewelry, and other items that you may think are valuable. The reason for this is to expedite the review process before you get an offer. When it comes to going forward with pawning items, you need to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward. That means that you’ll need to clean things up a little. Things don’t have to be perfect, but you want things to be easy for the pawn broker to figure out and assess what you have. Don’t go overboard here but use common sense.

Follow The Guidelines

pawnOnce you have a few items that you know you want to have evaluated by a pawn shop, you’ll need to focus on the guidelines that they have. Some companies require you to have only certain things, some have special instructions, and others have delays that you need to adhere to. Whatever the case is, always ask about the guidelines and rules that comes through regarding pawning and selling items. Follow the guidelines, and you’ll be ready to pursue a good price.

Selling or Pawning?

Lastly, the next thing that you want to work with is simple, decide whether or not you want to pawn something or sell it outright. There’s a big difference in how you work with a pawn shop, mind you. To pawn something, you will be getting a loan based on the value of your items. You’ll need to pay back that loan, of course. The other option is to sell the items that you have to the pawn shop, and that’s it. You will not get the items back, and they give you a price, that’s it. Overall, that’s the two options that you’ll want to pursue, and using the steps above, you can get fast cash in either pawning or selling items.


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