Why You Should Arrange Your Funeral Now

Funerals In today’s society, death is still viewed as a taboo subject. Hardly anyone talks about it or acknowledges it. Though it’s a natural occurrence, discussions about dying are relegated to whispers and occasional lectures about mortality. But no one ever really speaks out loud about it in, say, lunch dates.

But this society’s fear of death could, in the long run, prove disastrous.

This is because the business of life does not end in death. There are funeral homes to be asked, arrangements to be made, loved ones and relatives to be contacted, and estates and wills to be divided.

To make matter worse, it’s the ones you leave behind who will have these problems to worry about. They’re processing their grief, but at the same time, they’re processing the price tag on that mahogany coffin. It sounds almost selfish.

This is where pre-planning, a service provided by most funeral homes today, comes in. It is a discussion you have with an institution of your choice regarding your wishes after your eventual death. Most people think to do this when they’ve reached their 50’s or 60’s, but it’s never too early to start. That way, you’ll be prepared for any, God forbid, accident or sudden illness.

To convince you to start pre-planning your funeral, here are some reasons why it should be imperative in today’s society.

  1. It will unburden your family financially.

Grief is a powerful thing that could disorient people. More often than not, grieving loved ones pay too much for funeral services and end up spending the deceased’s insurance money to pay these off. But if you pre-plan now, your family won’t have to experience this.

Funeral homes will usually have packages that you can browse to fit your budget. What is more, if you sign a deal now, the price will remain set until the day you kick the proverbial bucket. This means that the price won’t be affected by future inflation.

You’ll not be saving money, you’re also saving it for later.

  1. It protects your family financially.

Since all the arrangements have been made prior to your demise, you can work things out with your insurance company – specifically, how much of your money will be going into the funeral rites. It ensures that your planned budget will be followed.

Additionally, the rest of the insurance money won’t be spent on funerary expenses and can go to worthier causes, such as your child’s college fund or the family savings account.

Even with you gone, you’ll still be able to make sure that your family is well taken care of and financially stable.

III. It will ensure that your last wishes are known and obeyed.

Many people die without having communicated their last wishes to their loved ones. In these cases, it is the family they left behind who will have to make the arrangements for them.

CremationThe deceased might have, for example, wanted to be cremated and their ashes strewn out onto the sea, but without discussing this out loud with a family member, it is a wish that won’t be fulfilled after they die.

By pre-arranging your funeral, you’ll be able to write your last wishes down and make them known to your family. It saves them the problem of figuring out how long the wake will be, where to bury, what to put in your tombstone, among other things.

Pre-arrangements, apart from unburdening your family, will also lighten the load for you. With these things prepared beforehand, you won’t have to worry about anything, because your family will be safe and stable even after your demise.

To start planning now, contact funeral homes near you.