Motivational Speakers: Finding the Best One for your Event

MotivationalMotivational speakers are invited to conferences and school events not only to give encouraging messages but also to give life to the program. It is necessary that they could keep the audience entertained by their humorous stories and inspiring anecdotes. It is also necessary that the audience can keep up with the relevance of the content of their message. But these are just the general points of great speakers.

What are some other things to look for when finding the perfect inspirational speaker for your event?

1. Find someone who practices what he preaches.

It is very difficult nowadays to find someone who actually does what he says in front of the crowd. Those who cannot practice what they preach are called hypocrites and fools so do not go for those kinds. Ask around, do internet research, look at their websites, and find out which speakers really do what they speak. Integrity is the best tool of motivational speakers in influencing and empowering their audience.2. Find someone who can speak about the topic.

2. Find someone who can speak about the topic.

Though motivational speakers generally inspire and encourage listeners, they also provide better ideas and understanding about the topic. It is essential that they know what they are going to talk about. For example, your event is about business and the speaker you hired is an athlete. There could be some problems when it comes to providing key points about having a successful business, so find someone who really knows the topic by heart.

3. Find someone who is flexible.

Some speakers attend speaking engagements more than fifty times a year. And some of them probably have used their presentations or speeches about the same number of times they did their speeches. Do not go for such speakers. Instead, find someone who can innovate and enhance their presentations. Find someone who’s willing to update his speech even at the least minute and still can manage to speak calmly and professionally.

4. Find someone who does not need PowerPoint presentations.

Such presentations usually distract the audience. They tend to look and focus more on what are on the slides than on the speaker. Find someone who can keep the audience’s attention even without relying on visuals. Excellent motivational speakers do not need gadgets to motivate. They can just use their words to create an impact on the listeners.

5. Find someone who is experienced enough.

Experienced motivational speakers are synonymous with expensive rates. These speakers are highly paid because of their motivational skills and talent so you will surely get what you pay for. What you need to do is ask around and check the internet for someone who’s experienced enough to talk about the topic and to motivate the audience.

Many speakers arrive earlier than their audiences and this is a plus factor for them because they get to show that they value time. However, there are only a few speakers who stay after the event and take time to know their audience. Some speakers exit the event right before the next speaker goes on stage. Some wait for the event to finish but then get out immediately after saying goodbye to the coordinator and other prestigious guests.

Motivational SpeakersIt is quite disappointing on the part of the audience to hear someone talk so inspiringly and encouragingly yet could not even be bothered to answer the most important questions.
So in general, find someone who can really participate and take time to know the audience. Find someone who takes time to answer questions and honestly speaks to boost the audience’s morale; remember, a great motivational speaker also knows how to empathize with the audience.


An effective the top motivational speakers should be able to speak to his audience on a personal level while at the same time, promoting the common goal that he wants them, as a group to achieve.