Choosing the Right Hybrid

Hybrid golf clubs or rescue clubs are relatively new equipment that may not be found in every golfer’s club set. However, players opting to use these hybrids have been steadily increasing. The hybrid is meant as a substitute for irons, which golfers may find are very hard to hit with. In a set of irons, there would normally be 8 irons (3-PW) and a lot of golfers have difficulty in easily finding the 3, 4, and 5 irons to hit on a steady game-ratio basis.

Hybrid golf clubs are crosses between fairway woods and irons and each club has dual features.

One can use them effortlessly and they hit well because of their larger and more forgiving heads. Hybrids also hit with an iron’s precision, but the hybrids have iron-like faces and shorter shafts. Moreover, rescue clubs are easier to use from the rough’s poor lies. It means that the golf ball will always be released from its position. The game can also continue with less damage done to the overall score of the golf player.

Hybrid golf clubs

There are various kinds of hybrid golf clubs for high handicap players, medium handicap players and low handicap players. Hybrid clubs are indispensable parts of a high handicap player’s golf set. It is best for these players to have a 3 and a 4 hybrid as substitutes for the 3 and 4 irons. This enables correct trajectory and easier shot hits.

It is also best for the 5 iron to be changed to the hybrid equivalent. This, however, is dependent on how good a golfer is with the 5 iron. Unless they are excellent in striking the ball, high handicap players will no longer miss a 3 and a 4 iron as soon as it’s gone from the golf set. High handicap players are recommended to use a club with a graphite shaft that has a regular flex.

Hybrid golf clubs are very important as a player accomplishes the medium handicap level.

These golfers should also replace the 3 iron with a 3 hybrid. A 4 hybrid can replace or complement a 4 iron. It is also possible for these players to think about having a 2 hybrid and it can be done depending on how the player uses fairway woods. A good substitute for the 5 or 7 woods is the 2 hybrid.

Clubs for mid-handicap players come in shafts made of graphite and steel. Steel shafts are favored by golfers as they match the irons in the current golf sets. However, graphite shafts are lighter and longer, which can benefit the player because of club head speeds. As for low handicap players, they will be more comfortable with their irons and may not even consider using a hybrid club. Golf professionals have started to use a hybrid golf club, and replacing the 2 and 3 irons in their sets. The high trajectory derived from using hybrids enables players to do soft landings, which is possible with a hybrid.

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Low handicap players may find several kinds of hybrids right for them. These hybrids look like iron clubs yet perform like hybrids. This means players derive both benefits from hybrid and iron clubs. Female golfers would find some types of hybrid clubs easy to use. There are also other acceptable hybrids that deliver faster ball speeds and long distances to help in dominating the golf course. Additionally, there are also some hybrids that boast of cutting-edge face technology.

Choosing the best golf clubs is not an easy task. You need to do careful research on finding out the best golf club for you. Once you know what you need, you can purchase a golf club set anywhere.

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